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Available positions ( southern california )

City of Hawthorne, On Site Resident Manager

FreeHawthorne (Los Angeles) - April 15, 2017

Seeking an on-site Resident Manager for a 25 Units Apartment building in the city of Hawthorne. Minimum 2 years experience, couples only. Have Handyman skills and able to perform the maintenance work.Compensation: 2 bedroom apartment, free rent,utilities and phone. All maintenance work is paid in ...

Site Property Manager Position

Los Angeles (Southern California) - April 9, 2017

Great opportunity for preferably semi-retired, middle aged couple. Seeking experienced Site Property Manager for 36 units, hours flexible throughout the week. Must be handy with light maintenance, articulate, especially in English, and have good people, administrative and writing skills. Knowledg...

South Redondo Beach Apartment Manager

- February 21, 2017

Minimum 2 yrs experience, couples only. Have handyman skills & able to perform the maintenance work up to 5 hours per week please send resume to:

On-site resident manager - South Pasadena, experience required

FreeSouth Pasadena (Southern California) - January 26, 2017

seeking on-site resident manager for 30 unit apt. building in South Pasadena. Compensation = 1 bedroom apt. free rent.Leasing and management experience required, knowledge of fair housing, tech savvy for posting and responding to rental ads. coordinate unit turnovers, rent collections and schedul...

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