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Seeking positions ( southern california )

Professional Management Services

$100.00 - San Diego - April 6, 2017

15 years experience managing rental property. Real Estate license, knowledge of fair housing laws. I can manage your rental property and give you peace of mind. Individual homes and condos up to apartment buildings. Riverside County to San Diego, send me email if you have any questions, and to discu...

Experienced, dedicated apartment managers seeking employment

Los Angeles (L.A. County) - March 26, 2017

Hello, My husband and I have about 5 years of experience managing multi-family properties and we have learned to do it well. We are based in the Los Angeles area but are willing to relocate.I (the wife) have 5 years of experience doing the administrative work as on-site property manager. I manage m...

apartment manager

N. Hollywood (southern California) - March 3, 2017

apartment manager 22 townhouses buildinglocated Valley Village no maintenance required not a full time positionfree townhouse plus small salary. need to be able to rent units collect rents and have excellent management skill. The manager unit has two bedrooms

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